"I was able to convey my vision and they brought it to reality...."

"Monta and Toia are the most professional, amazing, and passionate team you could want as your wedding planners/coordinators. I was able to convey my vision and they brought it to reality. This is the team you need if you want to know, confidently, that your special day will be one to remember. Although there were minor issues, I would've never known had Toia not told me (after the wedding day, of course). That's just how awesome they are at making sure your wedding day is flawless! Chad and I can't thank you enough for seeing things through from start to finish! May God continue to bestow his many blessings on you two and your business."   The Gray's

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The Engagement Night

We rarely get a date night in so this particular time we did...Chad did sure to make it one to remember. We went our favorite restaurant from our college days. Enjoying the night away from the girls and the ambience I really had no idea this was coming. After all, we'd been talking about getting engaged for the past two years...why would this date be any different. Well, Chad had something up his sleeve. We enjoyed the meal and started talking about him leaving for another basketball season and the waitress asked us about dessert. Of course I'm not going to say no to warm brownie with a side of ice cream, my favorite dessert, we told the waitress we saved a litte room for it. The waitress comes back with this gi-normous brownie and the side of ice cream. I told Chad I didn't remember the dessert being so large but I was ready to dig in. So he hands me a spoon and I begin taking some of the whipped cream off. As I clear it off, it appears some plastic was baked into the dessert. I tell Chad we have to send this back (by this time the entire restaurant is watching and Chad begins to get up from the booth). He pulls out the plastic bag with a beautiful blue box in it to clean it off and I lose it. My cousin who happens to be having dinner with friends, screams "that's my cousin" and I'm lauging and crying at the same time, just overwhelmed with emotions.  My tears are rolling, the restaurant is  gasping and cheering as my love asked me to be his wife...and of course....I said yes!