Beyond the Veil Wedding & Event Services

Beyond the Veil is more than a company providing a service. We are a team that loves experiencing the moment when our client’s eyes are set upon what they have spent weeks, months, and for some years dreaming, anticipating, and waiting to experience. We take pride in designing, creating, and producing an event that will exceed your expectations. The initial business relationship we have with our clients always evolve into lasting friendships for years to come.

We bring more than what meets the eye. Our goal is to take your vision and make it personal through the end. With our expertise and experience we can create and sculpt a moment that will never be forgotten by anyone in attendance.

What we do...

  • We plan with enthusiasm and style.

  • We do more than weddings.

  • We are meticulous organizers.

  • We treat your event as our own.

We see things YOUR way...

One event – One vision! Many times YOUR vision can become clouded by what the planner or coordinator feels YOUR vision should be. Not with us...Seeing your event as you see it and as you expect all persons in attendance to see it is just one of the ways we make sure YOUR vision is captured and experienced!


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