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Services |

Beyond the Veil is more than a company providing a service. We are a team that loves experiencing the moment when our client’s eyes are set upon what they have spent weeks, months, and for some years dreaming, anticipating, and awaiting to experience. Every client results in a lasting friendship for years to come.

We bring more than what meets the eye. Our goal is to take your vision and make it personal through the end. With our expertise and experience we create and sculpt a moment that will never be forgotten by anyone in attendance.


Wedding, Social & Corporate Events |

With our extensive library of incredible vendors, you can enjoy your festivities and relax and enjoy your guest. Allow Beyond the Veil to handle all your design, planning, and execution for your upcoming event.

From large corporate meetings, sporting events, concerts to weddings, reunions, and parties the same amount of attention to detail and organization is exhiliarated. No event is too small!

Is your event outside the Charlotte metro region or in a location you are unfamiliar with? If so, do not be concern. Our company does extend its services for destination weddings and other long distance events.