The belk's love story

At the suggestion of her sister-in-law and urging of friends, Jaronica auditioned for and made it on to a new praise team at church. At the same time, Rogers was asked to be a member of the band and to add a little 'bass' flavor to the group. Even though he was already a drummer for Praise Team 2 and a drummer/bassist for an external gospel group, he agreed to help the newly formulated Praise Team 3.

During the first meeting of the group, when the band and singers met, Rogers and Jaronica introduced themselves to one another and got acquainted. During their initial conversation, she asked who he was and when he told her that he was the son of Mrs. Belk, she replied "Really? Wow. The last time I saw you, you were this (knee) high".

What was astonishing is that they'd actually been at the same church since 1983 (27 years prior to their meeting) and had NEVER formally met.

So, it is because of that newly formed praise team at their church that they FINALLY connected. Rogers often says that since they were in the same congregation all of those years and their paths never crossed, it must be that Praise Team 3 was created ESPECIALLY for them to meet.


Soon after they met, they became good friends while working together in this ministry and eventually (and without much effort) a relationship blossomed. A intensely strong connection had been felt by both from the beginning and neither could deny that there was something special about the two of them.. together. 

Now, four years after meeting, the connection has strengthened and marriage is on the horizon. There is a lot of planning underway but with all that is going on, they are still both looking forward to 'sealing the deal' (as Rogers says).

On December 13, this special couple will fulfill life long dreams of marrying the person that God has chosen for each of them and walking out the plan of God for their married life. What an amazing love! To God be the glory!